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In our mission statement, we say that we remove the "pains" associated with medical lines.  There is physical pain involved with the installation, use or removal of all medical lines.  Every time a line fails or is pulled out, the family is stressed, the nurse has numerous new tasks added to his/her workday and expenses go up for the hospital.  We  develop products that solve all of these problems, at the same time.  If we can keep a line functioning or avoid another needle stick for a patient, we are attacking all of these pain points simultaneously.

Our first two products, SafeBreak® Vascular and Bifurcated Venous Access Device, are great examples of our mission. Both products focus on saving nurse's time, lessen patient's pain, and save hospitals money.  We hope that you will explore the potential that both of these products have and let us know your thoughts.  

LineUSMed SafeBreak Vascular

SafeBreak® Vascular

LineUSMed Bifurcated Venous Access Device (BVAD)

Bifurcated Venous Access Device

SafeBreak Vascular and BVAD are not cleared by the FDA and not available for sale

Intellectual Protection of Designs

Protecting our designs is an important part of our strategy for remaining relevant and sustaining our competitiveness in the vascular access space. Establishing and maintaining venous access in patients so that life sustaining medication can be delivered is a challenge for medical professionals all over the world.  And, It is important to protect to protect our ideas globally.  SafeBreak Vascular has one issued utility patent in the United States, US8795256B1, and several patent applications to further protect the design in the United States.   BVAD has one European patent issued, 3099235, and  a utility patent pending in the United States, US20160000363A1.

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