Lineus Medical's Founding

Spencer Jones, a registered nurse, became frustrated as the patient's under his care repeatedly dislodged their peripheral IVs.  Most of the time the dislodgement was an accident, but sometimes patients pulled them out on purpose. He thought, "There must be a better way."  Spencer came up with the idea of creating a controlled separation in an IV line, so that the harmful forces would not pull out the IV catheter.  He did a patent search and found that another nurse had patented the same idea.  Spencer was able to purchase the patent and Lineus Medical® was formed.

The product ("SafeBreak®") and the company (LineGard Med at the time) were accepted into the ZeroTo510 business accelerator in Memphis, TN in May of 2015 that specializes in medical devices.  Spencer refined the business plan, developed prototypes, and pitched the product to several hospital administrators and clinicians in the Memphis area. Spencer exited the business incubator in August of 2015 and set about raising seed money to get the company off the ground.

See his "Demo Day Pitch" below as the company exits the business incubator.


August 20, 2015 - Spencer Jones makes the final pitch for LineGard Med's SafeBreak Vascular product at ZeroTo510 Business Accelerator Demo Day in Memphis, Tennessee.

Lineus Medical Timeline

Our Values

  • Patient centered – always improve the outcome for the patient.  There is always a patient at the end of the line.
  • People and relationships are first
  • Clinically driven – listen to frontline healthcare professionals and develop impactful solutions to real problems
  • 3-Quotes philosophy – make sure we understand complex situations and create a win-win for all parties.  When we are buying something of significance, we always get three quotes before making the purchase.
  • Speed of business – gather necessary information and be decisive
  • Creativity – ideas are welcome, nurtured and rewarded

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