Safebreak® VAscular is not FDA cleared and is not available for sale

SAFEBREAK VASCULAR Separates to save IV lines

SafeBreak Vascular

force required to separate

Our lab testing tells us that harmful forces start to impact IV lines around 4.3 pounds of force, so it is very important to separate before that point. SafeBreak Vascular is designed to separate when a force over 3.7 pounds is applied across an IV line.

SafeBreak VascularSeparated

Valves Stop the Flow of Fluids

Introducing a new class of product, Patient Safety Disconnects, and the first of its kind, SafeBreak Vascular.

Once SafeBreak Vascular has separated a valve on each end of the device closes. The valve connected to the line that goes to the IV pump, closes and causes the IV pump to sound an alarm. This lets the nursing staff know they need to come into the room and investigate the situation. The valve on line connected to the patient closes and prevents the patient from bleeding. Currently when an IV dislodges, the pump doesn't know the IV catheter is out of the patient, so it continues to pump medication on the floor or in the patient's bed until someone turns the pump off. Please watch the brief video to the right that shows the inner workings of SafeBreak Vascular in detail.

fast and easy to install

SafeBreak Vascular is inserted between the IV pump/bag and the catheter in the patient's arm. The medical professional first attaches the device via a luer connection to the IV tubing as seen in Figure 4. The device is then primed (completely filled with fluid), ensuring no air is left inside the device.

Figure 3. SafeBreak Vascular is packaged sterile for one-time use

Figure 4. SafeBreak Vascular is attached to the IV tubing and then primed

After priming the device and scrubbing the luer connection of the IV tubing that comes from the patient's IV access site, SafeBreak Vascular is connected to the patient's IV tubing, as shown in Figure 5. With both ends of SafeBreak Vascular attached, a sealed connection is created that allows the flow of fluid from the patient's IV bag to the patient's catheter, as seen in Figure 6.  For full instructions on how to use SafeBreak Vascular, please consult the product's Instructions for Use.

Figure 5. SafeBreak Vascular is connected to the needleless connector/extension tubing at the patient's IV site

Figure 6. Fully installed SafeBreak Vascular in a peripheral IV line

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