Catheter dislodgement is a persistent problem that impacts patients, nurses, and healthcare administrators. Despite advances in securement devices and adhesives, catheter failure is still unacceptably high, with 46% of catheters failing before their intended end of use (1). Every time a peripheral IV is lost, it costs the hospital $48, and means more pain for the patient.

SafeBreak Vascular installed on a peripheral IV line

SafeBreak Vascular installed on a peripheral IV line

SafeBreak Vascular was designed to prevent IV catheter dislodgement. SafeBreak goes in the IV line and separates when the line is subjected to damaging forces. The device intentionally separates and seals on both sides, relieving IV line tension and preventing the leaking of medication or blood from the IV tubing.

Insert three pictures - one of the device in line, one of it being pulled, one of it separated


benefits of using safebreak



  • Reduce IV Dislodgements

  • Eliminate Painful IV Re-sticks

  • Prevent IV Supply and Medication Waste

  • Optimize Nursing Care




SafeBreak prevents damaging forces from harming IV lines

MKG-0026 09/17

1. Helm, R.E., et al., Accepted but Unacceptable:  Peripheral IV Catheter Failure. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 2016; 38(3): 189-203.