POTENTIAL Benefits of Using SafeBreak Vascular

Reassembly not possible

Once SafeBreak Vascular separates to protect an IV line, it is very important that a well intending family member or medical personnel is unable to put the device back together. When SafeBreak Vascular separates to prevent damage to the IV catheter, the disconnected IV line might fall into the patient's hospital bed or onto the floor. If someone were to put the device back together, the medication would run through a potentially contaminated line, which could lead to an infection. SafeBreak Vascular has a proprietary anti-reconnect feature that prevents anyone from accidentally putting the device back together.  Please watch the video to see how SafeBreak Vascular is designed to operate.

valves can't be reopened

Figure 1. SafeBreak Vascular separates and valves are embedded in the device so that they can't be accidently opened.

Figure 1. SafeBreak Vascular separates and valves are embedded in the device so that they can't be accidently opened.

It is also important that the valves can't be reopened by a patient or family member by pressing on them on accident or on purpose. If the valves can be manually opened, then blood or medicine would come out of the device, neither of which is a good situation. As can be seen in Figure 1, the valves designed into SafeBreak Vascular are embedded deep within the device. It will not be possible for someone to stick a finger into the device to open a valve. 

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works with all iv Lines

SafeBreak Vascular will be compatible with both gravity fed lines or IV lines using an electronic pump. The luer connectors on SafeBreak Vascular will work on any line in the world because they are manufactured to the latest international standard - ISO 80369. SafeBreak Vascular will connect with any ISO standard luer connector on any peripheral IV, PICC, central line or mid-line. Maintaining IV lines is a global problem, and SafeBreak Vascular is designed to work on any IV line from Australia to Zambia.

Smooth Edges

Figure 2.  SafeBreak IV installed in a peripheral IV line.

During a patient's activities of daily living, they might roll, turn, walk, shower, and much more with their IV line. SafeBreak Vascular is designed, as can be seen in Figure 2, with rounded edges to avoid it catching on bed rails or any other object. The rounded edges and smooth surfaces minimize any discomfort that might happen when someone sleeps on their IV line. 


MKG-0025 09/17